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you know i'd die just to hold you, stay with you ♥

somehow i'll show you..that you are my..night sky ♥

i knew i had you..as cocky as it sounds..♥
22 August
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name: ashy

location: you can tell I get real ignorant,cause nigga,I'm from New York and this is how we do

age: 18

statz: married to my icky mush mush..he's my life..i couldn't ask for anything more/better bc he is the most perfect thing to ever exist..♥ icky and pumpkin foreeever

music: psychopathic(icp-twiztid-abk-blaze-esham-dark lotus-rydas),necro-goretex-non phixion-mr.hyde-ill bill, definitive jux(aesop rock-murs-hangar 18-rjd2),eastern conference(cage-yak ballz-copywrite-weathermen), poison the well, no doubt, red hot chili peppers, nas, rage against the machine, jadakiss, styles, mase,

♥: brooklyn/coney island, triple 5 soul, the color red, bracelets(especially making them!), degrassi, eye shadow, being in love with my icky, tiffany jewelery, l.a.m.b and coach bags, gwen stefani, aesop rock, ecko, wife beaters, detroit, stars, hip hop, sneakers, batman, grafitti, nyc(battery park-the village-etc), wendys, exploding dog, 151, hats, anti-war/pro choice, ducks, political science, ninja turtles, gummy bears, ikea <333, new haven,

movies: american history x, bowling for columbine, requiem for a dream, halloween,et, lilo and stitch, jacob's ladder, the believer, nightmare before x-mas,

★ random ashy facts ★

★ i love spending time in the city/brooklyn..it puts me in the most awesome mood
★ no matter how much i try to keep it clean, my room always stays a mess :/
★ i'm not sure why, but i can have a very cocky attitude..if you come at me the wrong way i can be the biggest cunt :x
★ i love stars
★ my boyfriend jeffy is the entire world to me, he means more to me than anything and nothing will change that ♥
★ ikea has the COOLEST shit :D
★ i'm a very impatient person, and i can be bitchy as hell if i don't get my way
★ i work at a discount drug store, it sucks! (old ppl are soo annoying!)
★ i'm a product/label whore..right down to the shampoo i use ;[
★ i love peppermint and green tea
★ i'm a very eccentric, unique person with somewhat of a hyper personality
★ i have a sad addiction to bags/sneakers
★ i looooooove love love new haven ct..im going to move there asap!
★ i love taking the train/subway places..dunno why but it makes me happy
★ i get restless watching movies alot, and even sometimes at concerts :/
★ i absolutely love pictures :D
★ i'm really into underground hip hop,i used to be obsessed with psychopathic records..but i'm kinda fading away from that scene, although i still ♥ twiztid
★ washington d.c. is the greatest place! i can't wait to go there again
★ i'm extremely obsessed with no doubt/gwen stefani/ the l.a.m.b bags she makes.. i have 23!
★ i'm a little kid at heart. i adore sesame street(especially oscar), e.t., boohbah,bananas in pajamas,etc
★ i was straight edge for a long time, but recently broke that..but i rarely ever do anything
★ i still can't drive! :X
★ peppermint shampoo is the GREATEST stuff invented
★ i love to make things, although i don't have much time anymore..especially bracelets. i love anything that is glitterly/glows/colorful
★ i'm extremely into politics..political science is my college major. i am a far leftist/socialist..and a huge anti-war/anti-bush advocate..
★ my anniversary is on my b-day! ;]
★ i looove cutie undies :D
★ i love rockin hoodies.. i have way too many to even count!
★ i collect smores figurines..they are so fuckin cute
★ i have somewhat of an OCD..it's hard to explain but everyone tells me it
★ i love to do the laundry!
★ i love halloween time..that's the best time of the year
★ i love eye makeup.. i used to do my eyeshadow every morning
★ i absolutely love american history-x/edward scissorhands :D
★ i love pilows and blankets
★ my bf calls me pumpkin
★ when i was little, i never played with barbies..only ninja turtles! :D
★ i hate any clothes with buttons..not sure why
★ it seems like i'm ALWAYS sick :/
★ degrassi is the greatest show ever invented!
★ i'm very sarcastic :D
★ i'll always eat..im sucha fattie ;] one day if i'm realllllly rich i'm getting wendys installed in my house :x
★ patene pro-v is an invention created by jesus christ. im sure of it.
★ i'm a shopaholic..i get yelled at all the time for it! heh
★ i actually like the taste of diet coke better
★ i love to get in people's faces when i'm pissed, but i hate calling people on the phone, it's weird

when we’re together I feel perfect
when I’m pulled away from you I fall apart
all that you say is sacred to me
your eyes are so beautiful,i can’t look away
as we lay in the stillness..you whisper to me,
baby, marry me, promise you’ll stay with me
oh you don’t have to ask me, you know you’re all that I live for
you know I’d die just to hold you, stay with you
somehow I’ll show you that you are my night sky

i’ve always been right behind you
now I’ll always be right beside you

so many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep
now that you love me I love myself
I never thought I would say that
I never thought there’d be you

my jeffy...

♥ .you.are.the.reason.i breathe. ♥

[CKWON] baby i can't wait til the day we are married and live together i will be soooo happy, love your all i ever wanted and i swear to you i will stay with you, baby your like a gift from god or something your so perfect for me and the only one for me , i want you for my whole life baby your the one whos meant for me

and how can i stand here with you...and not be moved by you? ♥

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Icky and Pumpkin
  • Likely to conceive no identical children.
  • Enjoy opportunities to watch television together when the time is right.
  • Picnic incessantly.
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11:11, 151, 22, 555 soul, 8-22, aesop rock, ahh real monsters, american history x, anti-bush, anti-war, anybody killa, arts and crafts, atmosphere, baby powder, baby wipes, bags, batman, battery park, beads, belts, blaze ya dead homie, bowling for columbine, brooklyn, brooklyn bridge, cage, canarsie, casper, coach, communism, coney island, copywrite, corporate avenger, count chocula, cuddling with my husband, dark lotus, darren aronofsky, definitive jux, degrassi, detroit, ducks, e.t., eastern conference, edward scissorhands, el-p, elmo, esham, exploding dog, eyeshadow, faygo, from autumn to ashes, ghosts, glassjaw, glitter, glow in the dark, grafitti, grape soda, green tea, grover, gum, gummy bears, gwen stefani, halloween, hangar 18, hip hop, hoodies, horror, ickis, icky mush mush, icky's peen, ikea, ill bill, insane clown posse, jacobs ladder, jadakiss, jamie madrox, jeffrey michael, jelly belly, jerseys, jiffy, jones soda, kanye west, koalas, kottonmouth kings, l.a.m.b., le sportsac, legalization, lilo and stitch, lipgloss, long island, makeup, mario kart, marx, michael moore, monoxide child, murs, my hiphop boy, my jeffrey, my jeffy, n train, napoleon dynamite, nas, necro, new haven, new york, new york city, nightmare before xmas, ninja turtles, nintendo, nj devils, no doubt, non phixion, nyc, oscar the grouch, piercings, poison the well, politics, psychological records, psychopathic records, psychopathic rydas, q-strange, r train, rage against the machine, ramen noodles, rap, red, red hot chili peppers, requiem for a dream, rjd2, saves the day, sesame street, sneakers, snowglobes, socialism, sparkles, stars, styles p, suburban noize, subways, tattoos, taxman, the believer, tiffanys, twiztid, underground hip hop, undies, washington d.c., weathermen, wife beaters, yak ballz,