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you know i'd die just to hold you, stay with you ♥ [entries|friends|calendar]
i knew i had you..as cocky as it sounds..♥

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REMINDER. [14 Mar 2005|11:08pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

once again i remind you dorks,



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new lj faggots [09 Mar 2005|11:17pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

well kids.the time has come. i have made a new lj name. and it's going to be friends only. so those of you on my friends list, you're obviously on it for a reason, add my new name


those of you who are not and want to be on my friends list,comment in that journal when i do make a post. sorry kids

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help me find a good haircut! [09 Mar 2005|08:57am]
[ mood | tired ]

ok im fuckin tired.and i dont wanna work.

with that said...

saturday im finally chopping this hair off.shit is so long.i really want long layers,sorta like ashlee simpson. i wanna keep my hair atleast past my shoulder. does anyone know where i can find some good pix to show the hairdresser? i found these 2, which are sorta what i want,but not quite:


someone help me find something before saturday,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

wow,these fuckin snowstorms are KILLING me. i really dont wanna walk to work today.

and the sims 2 is just too addicting. i don't go to sleep for work bc im playing that damn game all night. i need help

ok bye

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pix pix pix for deeeeeeeeeeeeee and everyone else,but she wanted em [08 Mar 2005|12:43pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so alot has happened in a few days,not with me personally,but at my job and shit.

yesterday renee(my usually bitchy manager) got transferred to another store.i knew something had to be up when both randy(my dm) and eli(the regional manager) were there
in a way im happy bc she was always a bitch to me,but now i find out that most likely,in 3 months the manager that was there before here,aka the one who hired me in 2003
is coming back.while she works well as a manager,she always keeps the place on lock down like it's auchowitz.so i dunno, i have mixed feelings bout renee leaving. but it was sad when she did
they made her leave last night right after she found out. i swear this company fucks with ppl so bad.for now this guy scott is our manager and he's pretty cool so that's good...

today is my day off,thank god. i just wish it was on wednesday,bc then it's the middle of the week but hey,i can't complain. i just wish i could sleep later since i don't get to sleep at all during the week and sundays when i work

on saturday, im hopefully getting my hair cut, then jeffy and i are going to dinner with jess,iris,kelsy and jenna from my job to the cheesecake factory. so im excited for that...good food :D

i finally get paid on thursday,woo!

at dee's request,i'm finally gonna post up some pix of my hurrrr,but i look realllly tired so don't mind me :]

i started using this artec color depositing shampoo every other wash,it's like a semi permanent color built into a shampoo,and its really working nicely on my hair

yea i work down the hair aisle when im not doing cosmetics, so i play around all day :D

also i had bought pantene for brown hair, i only used it like once,im gonna bring it back to work and see if i can switch it with the one for red hair now..i hopeee!

word is out that the new lamb clothes may come out today,and that would be amazing if it did happen on my day off bc then i can finally get something! watch it happens tomorrow ill be so mad but maybe i can have jeffy check for me and ill give him my cc to put it on :]

i have been realllly good and i cant even remember the last time i bought myself a lamb! :]

i think i defintely got aesop tix for march! wooooooooooooooo they emailed and said they would hold 2!! :]

i gotta get on the ball and mail something to dee and also this girl's lamb bag tomorrow, i wanted to yesterday but got outta work too late ;/

damn its gross out :/

hmm well i think thats all.... on to the pix i guess :]

yup here it isCollapse )

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yay for no renee at work tomorrow!!! :D [03 Mar 2005|08:06pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i am fuckin freeeeeeeeeezing it's soooo cold...and it was outside today too,im so fed up of winter..i want summer!!!

work was so annoying and long today and put me in a bad mood grrrrrrrr

everyone loved my hair.im starting to like it alot too..i bought special color depositing artec shampoo for it,shit was like 13 damn bucks,w/e though i heard it works

i gotta ask my mom sup on my taxes,i need some money.esp. since this store has the bag i want for like 50 bucks :/

tomorrow im going to jeffys..yayyy! i can't wait..we're going out to eat :]

mmm i had hamburger helper today..it was good :]

i'm so exhausted :(

i've been addicted to the sims 2 lately..its bad :/

hmm thats all for now,byeee!

spit drama

blahh :/ [02 Mar 2005|10:53pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

so i just dyed my hair..it came out a bit more red than i expected..especially the roots... i'm not sure how i feel about it yet.it just looks a bit weird bc of the roots being more red than everything else. sucks i guess.ill take pix soon when i grow into it a bit more. it makes me look really irish i think.. lol too bad im italian

i had today off. slept,played the sims,and did some laundry. im still tired though. i also went to the 99 cent store and kfc. good times i guess. that 99 cent store had shit. i really wanted to go to the other one but my mom was in rare bitch form tonight...ohhh boy

my aol got TOSed for the 2nd fuckin time. bc of that damn hacker that got on my sister's name and sent 300+ emails.. fuckin a man

i dont wanna work tomorrow,or friday. i hope ppl like my hair :/ i wish i did it a bit darker,but it's too late now. if i really don't like it i can put some dark brown into it

i need some girls to chill with. i love my jeffy to death but sometimes you just need a female around,ya know? :/

oh well i guess thats all i can remember having to say


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randomnesss? [01 Mar 2005|07:49pm]
[ mood | drained ]

so im trying these crest whitestrips one more time. everyone else saw a difference in my teeth,but i didn't. whatever maybe im just blind. im still calling them tomorrow and getting a refund bc of the other ones bc 30 bucks is alot to lose. im trying the other ones instead this time...they just feel weird as hell when you have them on for a half an hour

my fuckin fingers are killing me from work. i hate when you get pain under your finger nails blahh!! its hard to explain but it hurts

im watching tv,for once. yay for gilmore girls

it feels so weird to be broke/not buying lambs :/

looks like im a have to buy tix for the MA aesop bc the NYC ones are still MIA. booo! :(...i wanna go to both :/ someone find me those damn tickets! >:(

work is sooo tiring lately,and weird shit is defintely going down and being kept on the DL and i fuckin hate not knowing whats going on

im gonna call bree tonight prolly

i bought some hair dye and im gonna dye it sometime this weekend hopefully before i go to CT this weekend..its reddish/brownish/burgendy..ill take pix when i do it

thank the lord for a day off tomorrow...im sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to sleep.goes to show how much i hate working :[

hmm ill update later.i know i had more to say but i forget?

spit drama

stress is fuckin gay [27 Feb 2005|10:27pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

boo at it snowing supposedly tomorrow. that really fuckin sucks,im so sick of walking in the cold/snow..i hate it hate it hate it

tonight i was going to get taco bell,but instead made my mom take me to the food store and i got liek 23234343 snapples and a buncha other good stuff..and ate refried beans I LOVE THEM AND CANT WAIT TO HAVE THEM TOMORROW AT WORK FOR LUNCH...WOOOOO ;]

so finally i have received all my lambies.. i think im finally complete..unless of course i find a few i have always wanted..i'm done! <333

i am so fuckin broke right now it's not even funny.i have like $200 til the 11th of march and i can't even really spend that. i'm hoping to sell 2 of my lambs for 50 each though, so thats another $100

my fuckin house is freaking!!!! >:(

and i still haven't gotten any info on that nyc aesop show. driving me fuckin nuts i tell you

omfg wtf gary just imed me after like 8 months ago he dicked me over for the 3rd time.. fuck that i dunno why he bothered..

work sucked balls today. i was in fuckin cosmetics alll day helping the most annoying people EVER! and setting up dumb fuckin displays which i wound up killin and putting the merch on the shelf anyways. and it was long.and i have to do it again for everyday for months to come. geez i hate working,and damn my fuckin feet hurt :/ jeffy win me the lottery and buy me some lambies

yesterday jeffy came.i worked til about 2, we got food at sals <333 went to the post office, went to the mall and picked up a lamb im supposed to be selling someone, got some of the pix from the aesop show printed from my digi(i wish i coulda done them all but i have fuckin 352...they came out so nice though)went home cleaned,ate and just chilled. i love my j. love <3

i think im going to his house next fri-sat. he said after work he wants to take me out to this really nice resturant :] im excited. i like feeling special and when ppl do cute little things for me..yea im a brat ;]

i miss aesop rock :( i need to see him every night x23.

i think the virus,if there even is one,is on my aol and not the computer..bc ive ran various scans on the comp and nothing is showing up

i just wanna get my room clean :(

and stop all this stress,of course,its so gay.

i forget anything else i had to say..bye kids

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i need help i think my comp has a virus :( [27 Feb 2005|09:11am]
[ mood | cranky ]

i'm so tired...its one of those days i wanna stay in my bed and sleep...fuck work man

i'm getting sick..i feel it in my throat/lungs

my mom got a fuckin virus on my comp,i think..this weird black screen pops up for a min,then goes away..and under my sisters aol mail,it had like 3,000 emails bout refiancings she didn't send...fuck man..anyone know what to do?

blah i'll make a real update later

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blah [26 Feb 2005|01:12am]
[ mood | crushed ]

....and i'm so sorry that i've fallen...help me up let's keep on going...

this drama has got to stop

sometimes i think all i got is my j-love <33 yea jeffy :]

spit drama

[25 Feb 2005|08:17pm]
[ mood | wishing i could get my aesop t ]

i wanna be seeing aesop right now, i wish i could again asap! im really hoping that march doesnt fall through and i get to go! :]

i love him

work was so loooooooooooooooong and tedious today,and now i gotta work tomorrow 9-1 :(
and sunday too :/

my mom is getting me subway right now :D

i got 2 lambies in the mail today!! one to go :]

hmm i think ill do a better update later but for now,subway! :]

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:] [24 Feb 2005|03:08am]
[ mood | sleepy icky and pumpkin ]

aesop was more than amazing

bigg update tomorrow

bedddddd time=now for icky and i

night night

spit drama

ps... [23 Feb 2005|01:20am]
i am not doing a lj cut fuck you all if you're pissed

me and mr.ian bavitz aka aesop rock aka my life aka my husband

spit drama

my contacts hurt [23 Feb 2005|12:45am]
[ mood | aesop rock + ashy = forever <3 ]

i saw the love of my life aesop tonight and took @#21321 pix omg i fucking love him so muchhhh he is my life and i cant wait to see him tomorrow and then in march and i need to marry him <33 and cage hottness WILL be there tomorrow. bammmmmmmmm

i got amazingly hot new cons tonight that i will put pix up tomorrow with the rest of my aesop/tomorrow night's show

i watched the ashlee simpson show tonight and i actually kinda like her now :]

me so happy my jeffy is staying over <33 and he might tomorrow night too..EVEN THOUGH HE'S A PAIN IN MY ASS SOMETIMES! ;/

hmmm not in the mood to update much more but im sure tomorrow will be eventful

later kids

spit drama

im addiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicted to you but you know that you're toxicccccccc [22 Feb 2005|02:54pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

so ick and i both played hooky from work today ;] and im going to see my love cake aesop rock <33 soo excited im a try and get pix on my digi with him so i'll DEFINTELY put that up

and yayyyyy hes sleeping over

i gotta go the post office in a few and mail out some lambs to people

no mail came today for me :*( still waiting for my baby backstage :/

i forgot the point of this post so ill end it now


spit drama

a whole buncha nothing.. [21 Feb 2005|07:20pm]
[ mood | displaced :/ ]

i feel displaced..like i'm forgetting something or just something isn't right i dunnno

tomorrow aesop rock is doing a free instore at virgin megastore and im fuckin dying to go and im gonna beg my mom to let jeffy sleep over and i hope he can and can get outta work early and omg i wanna go so bad ill dieeeee

speaking of aesop, i got my cd of his that i preordered from sandbox today,which is just in time if i can and hopefully go to the instore tomorrow

i also got my lambi cami small hella hobo,finally! im just waiting for my baby backstage,i hope it isnt lost or anything! ;[

work was long and stressful today. and will be. for the rest of my damn life

gwen is making that hoodie i so desperately wanted in a cotton version(which i prefer anyways) for $125,which isnt cheap but i think i must get it,i just hope im not fuckin working the day it comes out and it sells out like every other fuckin thing in the planet of lamb

speaking of lamb im dying for either this:

or this:


I WANT IT SO BAD! someone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee gimme $68 bucks, or atleast tell me which of the two you like better!

people are such shady fucks sometimes,i swear to fuckin god

today this girl came into my job and had a lamb bag and i tried talking to her bout them and she had no idea wtf i was talking bout!

im furious that last night i lost my entire pix update, so im a try again! here we go...there are seriously TONS of pix in here,im warning everyone! steph im putting these up again just for you! :]

454533235 pix!Collapse )

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fuck fuck fuck [20 Feb 2005|09:18pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

im so fuckin pissed,i have been uploading pix and adding the codes on here for the past hour, and my fuckin stupid aol just froze and i lost the entire entry

im fuming

spit drama

you're sucha hypocrit,low-down inconsiderate,piece of shit and you aint worth an ounce of spit [20 Feb 2005|12:36am]
[ mood | betrayed ]

wow,it's so fuckin amazing how damn 2 faced people that you trust are. i swear to fuckin god, it's incredible..fuck em though..they weren't important then,and they aren't now... ::brushes dirt off shoulders::

anyways, i spent the weekend at jeffys,it was good,we had our moments but had alot of fun,im lazy and ill prolly do a full update tomorrow

blah work tomorrow: 10-630,mon-tues- 10-6,thurs-fri 10-6,sun 10-6:30

^ so not in the mood

renee wanted me to work in plainview store yesterday.. i dont drive,so wtf how was i supposed to get there?

i feel bad i rushed jeff to go home because i had to poop hahhaha

im a put pix up on hurr most likely tomorrow, i got some cool new stuff :]

my sister has her friends over and they better not keep me up when i go to bed

i dont feel good,and im heated, so im out


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HAPPY BDAY JEFFY <333333333333333333 [18 Feb 2005|01:15am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

wow im freaking out bc i cant find my healthcare card that has my ss # and shit on it..im sure it's somewhere at home but i'm at jeffs and it's gonna kill me til i find it :/

today was jeffy's bday! he's 20! we went out to eat at chilis with his mom and her bf,and it was sooo good omg the food there is bangin...HAPPY BDAY JEFFY!! :-*

then we came home and slept since i'm not feeling so well lately :( it's defintely nice to have a break off work though

i got a few lamb trades coming up hopefully and i can't wait to finally own the bags that im gonna trade..im so anxious/impatient..i just wanna seal the damn deals! :X

my contacts have been such a bitch to get in lately :/

i took some pix, i promise soon enough i will post all the pix from the past month that i've been too damn lazy to put it :]

yesterday i got all my v-day stuff from jeffy..he got me dkny be delicious perfume <333, a HUGE ass omfg thing of chocolates( i think he wants me to be fat) a baby boohbah that is so fuckin cute omg, a beanie baby bear(not the vday one,he couldnt find it), and a ring which we have to go get :] he also paid half of my new lambie that i'm trading for :] don't think i'm too spoiled though, bc it's also been half a yr the 22nd of this month,so this stuff was for that too :] <333

i spoiled him too though.. he got for his bday/vday/6 month: an ipod, stuffed animal,this mr.clean carwash he wanted lol, maddd candy, this face stuff he loves, and im taking him out to breakfast tomorrow morning.. so i think it's about even ;]

tomorrow im excited bc i can finally wear the new coach belt i bought :] my coach bag i had gotten for graduation kinda matches, its so weird to use a bag/wallet that isn't lamb,lol i ignore all my dooneys/coach/etc lol

bahhaha i just sent bobby a picture of my poop he is gonna freak out when he sees hhhhhhhhhhhhhahaha dont ask :x

hmm i think thats all i had to say for now,if anything ill update later

peace hoes :]

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randomness [15 Feb 2005|11:59pm]
[ mood | tired ]

finally got my lamb bag( i think!) the girl barely spoke english so i hope something didn't get messed up :/

i'm in a bit of a better mood, thankfully tomorrow is the last day of work til sunday! hollllllllla

bree called me it was good to hear from her i fuckin miss her like whoaaaaaa

i need new glasses

spit drama

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